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What Are Our Archetypes?

September 9, 2011 Comments off

From my favorite astrology guru, Robert Wilkinson:

What Are Our Archetypes, and How Can We Live With Them
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So an archetype can be a pattern, or model, or prototype from which others are copied or modeled. In psychology, we’ve expanded Jung’s definition to embrace that which is both conscious or unconscious, and these may be inherited or acquired by imagination in contact with the collective reality we experience. In either case, it’s safe to call an Archetype an “original pattern,” or “ideal pattern” which can express itself through many forms.

I believe an archetype must have some universal symbolism, or else it would simply be an excellent model of itself. An archetype is meaningful in its uniqueness as well as ability to move the consciousness or subconsciousness of many. So we must look to symbols that have such universal meaning that they can be modeled in countless local and specific ways.


Astrology in June 2011 – A Grand Cardinal Cross Is Upon Us!

June 22, 2011 Comments off

I have been reading astrologer Robert Wilkinson for many years. Today is my birthday and also a special day in the grander scheme of things. I encourage my readers to take a few minutes to read today’s article, A Grand Cardinal Cross Is Upon Us!

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There is some astrological details that your can skip over if you know little about astrology, but I will venture that once you read this particular article, you will “get the message”. I hope you become a regular reader of Robert’s as he has much to offer in the way of his powerful insights.


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