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…well-being is the ability to be creative, to be aware, and to respond; to be independent and fully active, and by this very fact to be one with the world. To be concerned with being, not with having; to experience joy in the very act of living, and to consider living creatively as the only meaning of life. Well-being is not an assumption in the mind of a person. It is expressed in his whole body, in the way he walks, talks, in the tonus of his muscles.

Erich Fromm

Who I am
I am a writer, artist and Tao & Zen practitioner. I am creating this blog to encourage others to take the path to well-being through sharing information about aesthetics, art, culture, literature, philosophy, politics, psychology, the environment, and healthy living. I have also included special categories: Books on Tap, Daily Thought, and Insights & Commentary.

What I believe

Embrace the totality that you are. I believe peaceful co-existence is in everyone’s best interest. I suggest being creative and not destructive; Selfless – not selfish. The only real change happens when we change ourselves. I spent three years (1969 – 1971), studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan. I became a student, then a teacher, then a wanderer. Through my life experience as a worker, a wife, a single person, a longtime companion, a business owner, an artist, a writer… i have come full circle in my understanding and knowledge that the world was, and is, out of balance in its ego suffering and its unhealthy narcissism. As a conscious being, mindful of each stage in my life, i know that only through my own path to well-being could I contribute to the well-being of others and Mother Earth. However, each person must find their own way.

Yogi Bhajan laughingly said, “i only point the way; it is up to you to follow. Do not love me, love my teachings.”

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My Art, My Books, and My Inspiration
I published my first book in April 2010 entitled, It Has A Name! under my own publishing trade name, Asheham Press. My book is the result of three years of intensive research on the subject of unhealthy narcissism. I will use this blog to make posts about the subject and to link to other resources. My ebook is available through Amazon, Create Space, Scribd.com, Smashwords and Kindle.

Asheham Press is inspired by Virginia Woolf. I named it after Asheham House, once lived in by Virginia and Leonard Woolf. “Asheham House was where she and Leonard spent the night of their wedding and where they entertained the leading intellectuals and artists of the time. Above all it was associated with her creative self. During her years there she completed her first novel The Voyage Out, and did much of the work on Night and Day. Asheham was where she renewed herself as a writer.” It is also where her sister, the artist Vanessa Bell, painted. The sisters were modern women who were avant-garde in every sense and led the way for other women artists to follow. Unfortunately, Asheham House was destroyed in 1994.

Read more about Virginia Woolf and Asheham House in England: http://www.ashamaward.com/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=71


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