Jacques Cousteau

Living here on the West coast of the United States, I have grown to love the ocean. I love its beauty, diversity and primal power. When I was very young I saw on television a man who also had fallen in love with the ocean – Jacques Cousteau. I watched his series with great curiosity and appreciation. I learned to respect the vast array of life in the sea. Cousteau taught me how important it was for humans to be the custodians of our oceans and our planet. As Cousteau said, ‘People protect what they love.’

We have no other home but this one. We are but temporary inhabitants who must protect that which sustains us in order to pass it along to the next generation and future generations. This sustenance is not only physical but aesthetic, for nature provides great beauty and inspiration and also feeds and replenishes our soul.

There is a whole world of information on the Cousteau website. I encourage you to visit there now by clicking on the image or link below.

Take a visit to Cousteau Organization to see what they are doing to help protect our oceans. Click here.

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