Guidelines for commenting


This site has evolved lately due to dramatic events in our nation and the world at large. I have added more categories so there is a broader range of topics. It remains a learning site about how we can live a life of well-being. There is a strange irony in that my book on unhealthy narcissism which inspired me to start this blog, now seems so timely as we are witnessing acts of bullying, collective narcissism, and political manipulation everyday. It would seem there is in our world a war between selflessness and selfishness.

So while one of the main topics I will be covering is that of unhealthy narcissism and how it can impair our ability to live a quality life – one of well-being and happiness… the Path to Well-Being will be about awareness and being informed. It will include not only positive life concepts & practices, but discovering that unhealthy behaviors must be understood to help us make better choices and thus, changes in our life. I encourage comments to further the public dialog on any of the the topics and posts, but it is not a forum for venting or making disparaging comments. Cute, clever, insulting, rude, or confrontational comments have no place here. Such comments will be removed.

I will be placing links on this site of other resource sites. I am not responsible however for any viruses that may automatically download – so be careful. Thanks for visiting.

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