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Books on Tap: Lee Krasner

July 17, 2011 Comments off

Lee Krasner, A Biography by Gail Levin. An excellent bio on the artist which properly places her where she belongs, as one of the premier abstract artists of the 20th century. While the film, “Pollock” was very good, it did no favors for Ms. Krasner who was married to abstract artist, Jackson Pollock. Krasner was in fact, tough minded, very intelligent, suffered no fools, spoke her mind and while she sacrificed a great deal emotionally from the alcoholic episodes with Pollock, she willingly took a back seat to promote her husbands art with the idea in mind that he was an artistic genius. She was very active with the WPA from its onset to the end of the program. She was also a political person, involved in protests for artists’ rights through her association with the Artists Union. A fascinating look at a vibrant personality who scraped and struggled and created her way into her rightful place in the pantheon of New York abstract artists.

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