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On the Edge of Paradigm Shift

July 8, 2011

I just have to post this from one of the men in my life who sees things as they are and sees what’s ahead. Here’s the intro and click here for the rest — it is one of the best reads i have had all week.

Non-Violent Non-Cooperation Can Get You In Big Trouble

by Robert Wilkinson

Apparently so can working within the system if they don’t like you. Environmental Activist Tim DeChristopher bought some oil and gas leases and da Man did NOT like it.

Courtesy of the ever-great Truth Out we find a story of a man who knew the government would be auctioning off public land in a sale in Salt Lake City. He knew it was wrong, figured he had to do something, but didn’t know what. So he showed up and did some legit bidding on leases.

The article, “This Hero Didn’t Stand a Chance” by Truthdig’s Christ Hedges, outlines just how messed up the US legal, economic, and governing system has become. It’s really worth the read, since the point is made that in order to effect meaningful change, activists will have to learn ways to make connections to create a more democratic system, change the power structure, and discredit the argument that there’s no problem with practices that degrade the environment. To which I’ll add, all while maintaining a sense of humor.

Click here for Robert’s great read….

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