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Backyard Garden and Rainwater is Path to Better Living

June 14, 2011

My regular readers know I started a garden a few months ago. I planted carrots, strawberries, and blackberries. I put radishes in large planters and they are ready to be pulled and eaten. The carrots are almost there. The berries will come next month. They have been a disappointment, but they may bear fruit later than what I expected.

I also ripped out some bushes and made a place along the North side of my house for two, 60 gallon rainwater barrels.

I added a water filtration system a few years ago from Kinetico.

All these things add up over time. I have filtered water to water the plants. I will have backup rainwater for the drier months. And I will have my own veggies and berries. Years ago I planted rosemary and lavender bushes. The rosemary is a great herb for adding to sauces and to season meat. The lavender just smells wonderful. I know it can be used in soaps. Maybe I will give that a try.

Money not spent on veggies and berries is a good thing.

I bought the starter plants at Walter Andersons in San Diego of Pacific Coast Highway. I will provide the source info for the rainwater system once I get that project completed.

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