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Summer of Rage Has Arrived; Now What?

June 2, 2011

On December 21, 2010 I wrote a post referencing John Harris’s prediction for a nasty 2011 summer:

I tend to agree with Mr. John Harris of the Guardian UK as he predicts more civil unrest as austerity takes hold in Europe and mass unemployment persists here in the United States. People will be at the breaking point. His advice….? Even if the snow stops, stock up on supplies and brick yourself in.

So, what do we find on June 1, 2011? The financial markets are tanking. QE2 will end on June 30th. The jobs report for May 2011 was woefully anemic. Housing values keep plunging. Wealthy Republican-Libertarian ideologues are trying to strip workers of collective bargaining rights, privatize public education, eliminate Medicare, and essentially destroy the middle class and working classes. Inflation has taken hold rearing its head with rising oil and gas prices. The weather has been extreme and lives upended with multiple disasters.

What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift. The old ways are simply not working anymore. There are plenty of political, economic, environmental, and cultural reasons why we have arrived at this juncture. It is useful to know why, but whether we understand the reasons why or not, what is more useful is KNOWING we are in the middle of a major paradigm shift and KNOWING each person needs to adapt, change, and embrace their own power.

This KNOWING, this KNOWLEDGE, is useless unless we can act upon it. We cannot be like a deer in the headlights of global change. OMG it’s coming. OMG it’s here. OMG what do I do? When we combine KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY and ACTION – we get results. This is about as far from the BS touted in the best selling book, The Secret, as you can get. You cannot wish for things to happen and magically they happen. That is simply delusional thinking, otherwise called magical thinking. You need to set goals, lay out a plan, determine what’s what, and apply yourself. It is important to be committed BUT also flexible. If something does not work, bag it. Revise your plan. In Zen, there are a myriad of ways within the Way.

Contemplate this: Power is the ability to influence change. If we want change, we must ask ourselves: what can we do for our betterment? How do we apply our abilities to affect change?

Here is my own revised in-progress new path for change & well-being. It may be useful for you. If not, bag it! Create your own list.

Step One: Release all ideology – let yourself see.
Step Two: Eliminate distractions; dial down the noise so you can think.
Step Three: Determine what is really important to you (health, wealth, and happiness is too vague; try, eating healthier, doing work that is enjoyable AND satisfying).
Step Four: Stop trying to impress others – please your inner, higher Self
Step Five: Determine how you will achieve Step Three.
Step Six: Live your life as an authentic being.
Step Seven: Be creative and not destructive.
Step Eight: If you are angry about your life circumstances, start changing your self (from the inside out) and accept that you cannot change OR control others.

Happiness runs in a circular motion, so there is no starting point or ending point. All eight steps are points on the circle of life and are interchangeable. Good luck!

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