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Solar Activity and Another Mass Die Off of Sardines

April 20, 2011

Readers of PTWB know we have been tracking coincidences of solar activity and geomagnetic changes in relationship to mass bird and fish die offs since the beginning of the year. Today another report of mass fish die off was reported in Ventura Harbor, just north of Los Angeles (see story below). And again, checking Space Weather and NASA and NOAA we found an ALERT and a WARNING for yesterday April 18th. This time there is something else, a geomagnetic sudden impulse.

View Space Weather Timeline Chart, click here

1) Space Weather Message Code: SUMSUD
Serial Number: 116
Issue Time: 2011 Apr 18 0705 UTC

SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse

Observed: 2011 Apr 18 0654 UTC
Deviation: 24 nT
Station: Boulder

2) Space Weather Message Code: WARK04click here
Serial Number: 1721
Issue Time: 2011 Apr 18 0739 UTC

WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 4 expected
Valid From: 2011 Apr 18 0740 UTC
Valid To: 2011 Apr 18 1600 UTC
Warning Condition: Onset

Space Weather Definitions, click here

Space Weather blog states: When a CME Solar Flare comes off of the sun that is directed at Earth it sends an amazing solar wind that reacts with our magnetosphere. This causes an amazing magnetic reaction between our North and South Poles called a Geomagnetic Storm or Geo Storm. When this happens we get the phenomenon we know as Auroras.

NASA SON states: The Kp index is the easiest way to find out if there has been a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field and how severe the disturbance was. The Kp index combines the disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field measured at 9 separate observatories in North America. see reference, click here

Space Kb states: A sudden geomagnetic pulse means that a series of stations around the world have registered a rapid change in the overall planetary magnetic field. Sudden changes in the geomagnetic field of the Earth are often caused by the solar wind – either the Earth crossing the ambient solar wind in the ecliptic plane or by coronal mass ejections from sunspots sending bullet shaped clouds of charge gas particles into the ecliptic plane.

KP4 index rating indicates a solar storm. So, what we have here yesterday was a solar storm with a rapid change in the Earth’s magnetic field. And as previously reported, sardines have magnetite in their bodies that help them navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field.


LA Times reports: Six tons of sardines were found dead in Ventura Harbor on Monday, following a similar incident in Newport Beach. Both groups died of oxygen deprivation, but what drove them into the harbors is a mystery.

Last month’s massive die-off occurred after millions of sardines swam into King Harbor and suffocated. It took days for crews to scoop and vacuum up about 175 tons of fish carcasses from the harbor.

Those sardines tested positive for domoic acid, a neurotoxin generated by algae blooms, but scientists believe the fish — perhaps disoriented because of the toxic algae — swam into the enclosed harbor in such huge numbers that they died as a result of critically low oxygen levels, not poisoning. Still, what caused them to swim into the marina remains a mystery.

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Note that last line…. experts do not know what is causing the sardines to swim into the marina. Check out our previous post:
Update: Millions of Dead Anchovies and Sardines in SoCal Marina

Related: The NOAA maintains one of the world-wide monitoring stations in Boulder, Colorado. You can monitor its readings in near real time with a 15 minute delay. Click here

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