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Side-swiped! Endangered Species Act Grey Wolves Again Are Targeted for Delisting

April 12, 2011

I am starting to get really angry. The endless attacks on everything I hold dear is peaking. I am a supporter of the work that Defenders of Wildlife does. I received this in my box today. This completely flew under the radar. No wonder Obama waited until yesterday to state what more he caved on. This is the last straw. Take some action to try to halt this travesty – please. Wildlife is not a bargaining chip.

Click here to sign the petition and please contact your representative.

From Defenders of Wildlife:

Despite all of our hard work in opposition to the elimination of federal protections for wolves – opposition that stopped the last, “lame duck” Congress from removing federal protections for wolves in the Northern Rockies – it is clear that congressional leadership now intends to include similar language in the current budget bill that funds the government to the end of September.

This is shameful. Not only do these provisions substitute politics for science in the protection of endangered species, but they also have NOTHING to do with the federal budget!

Tell Congress to leave our wolves alone. Send your message now.

The language being considered removes federal protections from wolves (“delists” wolves from the endangered species list) not only in Idaho and Montana… but also in states like Oregon and Washington where the wolf population is only now beginning to get a toehold.

PLEASE immediately email or phone your two senators and member of the House of Representatives at (202)224-3121.

Boise Idaho Radio reports:

Environmental groups are fighting a congressional bill that would force wolves off the endangered species list.

That’s after they had agreed to a settlement that was turned down over the weekend by federal judge Donald Malloy.

Congress could vote later this week to remove Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves as part of a larger bill to prevent a government shutdown.

Proponents of the change say they’ve found a way around environmental lawsuits by attaching provisions to the latest budget bill.

Judge Malloy turned down the settlement allowing Idaho and Montana to take responsibility for wolf management, in place of the federal government. It was agreed to by 10 out of 14 conservation groups.

The judge rejected the settlement because it lacked unanimous agreement by all parties.

Wildlife groups are scrambling to find a way to block the provision. It was authored by a bipartisan duo: Idaho Republican Representative Mike Simpson and Democratic Montana Senator Jon Tester teamed up to push through the change.

The environmental group Defenders of Wildlife says it would be hard for lawmakers to reject the budget plan for the sole objective of rejecting the wolf provision in the bill.

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