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Decades to Clean Up Fukushima; What To Do With Lethal Waste

April 7, 2011

Japanese officials estimate that they already have accumulated about 15 million gallons of highly radioactive water. Hundreds of thousands of gallons are being added every day as the plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Co., continues to feed coolant into the leaky structures.

I have done quite a few posts on Japan’s nuclear disaster. I did one yesterday on the potential problem of a major grid failure in the U.S. or Europe (or quite frankly anywhere in the world where there are nuclear reactors), should we have a major solar storm or flare. Any prolonged power failure (fours hours or longer), will impact nuclear reactors in such a way as to create similar cascading of events as we have seen in Japan. Now we learn that the mess at the Fukushima plant will take decades to clean up. Again, if you feel strongly against nuclear power, let your voice be heard. Contact your representatives from both parties and become active in an anti-nuclear organization, like NukeFree.org.

LA Times reports: No one is sure how to safely dispose of millions of gallons of highly radioactive water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. ‘There is nothing like this, on this scale, that we have ever attempted to do before,’ a U.S. expert says.

For nearly four weeks, Japanese emergency crews have been spraying water on the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors, a desperate attempt to avert the calamity of a full meltdown.

Now, that improvised solution to one nuclear nightmare is spawning another: what to do with the millions of gallons of water that has become highly radioactive as it washes through the plant.

The water being used to try to cool the reactors and the dangerous spent fuel rods is leaking through fissures inside the plant, seeping down through tunnels and passageways to the lowest levels, where it is accumulating into a sea of lethal waste.

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