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April 6, 2011

Let’s be clear: I am a born and bred American. Politically, I am a liberal and I am a progressive. I believe in the social contract. I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe in a strong military to maintain the peace and defend our country. I am a gun owner. I am a member of the ACLU. I believe we are all our brothers and sisters keepers because I believe in compassion.

I have become more politically active this past year than at any other time in my life because even though I am a live and let live kind of person, I am fed up with greedy corporations, the banking oligarchy, the weak political parties, ideological nonsense, the TV pundits, the corporate owned news media, the rampant hate speech, the unethical business behavior, and the Wall Street criminals who got away with bilking our nation and its people out of trillions of dollars. These issues are undermining my well-being and my fellow citizens and I just don’t like it.

I rarely endorse any publication, even an art magazine, but today I am endorsing one: The American Prospect. Go check it out – click here

The American Prospect Mission Statement

The Prospect was founded in 1990 by Robert Kuttner, Robert Reich, and Paul Starr as an authoritative magazine of liberal ideas, committed to a just society, an enriched democracy, and effective liberal politics. Since then, the Prospect has grown into a print journal with an average monthly readership of some 100,000, a special in-depth report in most issues, and a daily Web magazine with nearly 1 million unique monthly visitors.

The magazine’s founding purpose was to demonstrate that progressive ideas could animate a majority politics; to restore to intellectual and political respectability the case for social investment; to energize civic democracy and give voice to the disenfranchised; and to counteract the growing influence of conservative media.

Across two decades, the Prospect has served as a vital link between ideas and political activism. The Prospect enables those who want to understand how public policies affect their lives, and how they can affect public policies, to see the opportunities and challenges of the moment. The Prospect shines a light onto the corner where politics and policy meet, illuminating the forces that shape progressive social change. Its respected, reliable journalism puts a human face on public questions. It provides a forum for productive debate about social justice and reform, from small policy choices with big implications to overarching ideas about our obligations to one another. It brings new ideas and perspectives into the mainstream of public conversation. And through its Writing Fellows program and other initiatives, the Prospect opens a pathway for new, younger, and more diverse voices to join the public debate.

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