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Making Progress: RIMs Balsillie Partners with Soros’ INET

March 30, 2011

When I started my company in 1999, wireless email was just getting started. I started selling the RIM Blackberry and was part of their Reseller program. I will be closing my company in one year as it is no longer a going concern. The global crisis was the death knell. I have owned many Blackberry devices over the years and still carry one. I am a great admirer of Research in Motion and the company’s co-founder, Jim Balsillie.

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) are pleased to announce a new partnership aimed at furthering their complementary missions. [see video below]

CIGI, founded and chaired by director and co-CEO of Research in Motion (or “RIM,” the company that created the Blackberry smartphone) Jim Balsillie will provide $25 million (CAD) over five years to joint CIGI-INET activities.

Both organizations are committed to broadening and accelerating the development of innovative thinking that will lead to insights and solutions for the great economic and governance challenges of the 21st century.

CIGI strives to be the world’s leading think tank on international governance, with recognized impact on significant global problems.

CIGI will build bridges from knowledge to power, conducting world-leading research and analysis, and influencing policy makers to innovate.

CIGI believes that better international governance can improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity, ensuring global sustainability, addressing inequality and safeguarding human rights and promoting a more secure world.

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