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Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79 – Her Place in the Sun

March 23, 2011

More than anyone else I can think of, Elizabeth Taylor represents the complete movie phenomenon — what movies are as an art and an industry and what they have meant to those of us who have grown up watching them in the dark.

Vincent Canby, New York Times

I am moved by the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, an iconoclast, a great actress, artist, and philanthropist. A great fan of Taylor’s, my mother named me after her. I am by no stretch of the imagination a beauty such as Ms. Taylor, but I do aspire to the arts and believe in noble causes, especially Ms. Taylor’s legacy work supporting research and cures for AIDS, a disease which has taken friends of mine as it did for Ms. Taylor.

Watching Elizabeth in her early films one sees the generosity of spirit in her that will carry over into her adult work. National Velvet is a film I own on DVD and watch on TMC whenever it is shown. She was a person when on screen you could not keep your eyes off of; she was not only beautiful, but engaging, powerful, and oftentimes electric. One of my favorite films is the romantic tragedy, A Place In the Sun, with her good friend, Montgomery Clift:

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