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Remember the Animals: World Vets in Niigata, Japan

March 17, 2011

I am a lifelong dog lover and owner. My dogs are my family and make me a better person. I would never leave my dogs behind for any reason, but in disasters dogs and their owners become separated. I am so very glad to hear of organizations like World Vets who are attending to the needs of animals in distress as a result of the massive 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.

Worlds Vets tracking link, click here

UPDATE 1:47PM (March 16)
World Vets is in Niigata, Japan right now with a shipment of veterinary supplies. They are headed out in a few hours (daybreak) toward the hardest hit areas to make assessments and provide aid. World Vets veterinarian Dr Koji Fukumura will be arriving in Tokyo on Friday and will be staying long-term as our in-country coordinator and to provide direct assistance to animals in need. Several World Vets responder teams are currently on standby as we assess the situation and collaborate with groups in Japan.

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