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Too Far: Ohio Kasich Cuts Children’s Hospitals, Allows Drilling on State Park Land and Selling Timber

March 16, 2011

Republicans consider THIS shared sacrifice and job creation. It sickens me. Governor Kasich, a former employee of Lehman Brothers, is proposing a budget that is so rough and so mean spirited that I am truly dismayed. Republicans are pushing a shared agenda in 16 states. It includes attacks on unions, public education, services to the elderly, children, disabled, privatization of prisons, and DRILLING ON PUBLIC PARK LAND!

A couple sources helps create the picture of what is going on in Ohio.

The Dayton Daily News has gotten ahold of proposals by various departments that are a part of the state budget process. Amongst the changes included in the proposals are calls to sell five prisons to private vendor and close a youth prison, as well as cut funding for children’s hospitals, food banks, child care subsidies, and drug courts.

Everyone from babies to senior citizens would be affected by the proposed changes.

State Parks Under Attack

The proposals also include some scenarios that would allow the state to generate revenue, including selling oil and natural gas leases on state park land, and allowing state parks to sell timber. A bill has been introduced in the House that would make 203,000 acres of state land available for drilling.

The Canton Rep reports today: COLUMBUS — Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday unveiled a $119.5 billion proposed state budget for July through June 2013 that severely slashes aid to counties, cities, townships and villages and does not replace most of the schools’ expiring stimulus funding.

approved by the Ohio General Assembly, local government fund aid would drop 21 percent to $526 million for the 12 months ending June 2012 from an estimated $665 million the prior year. The following year, the aid would drop by more than a third to $339 million, according to a budget overview provided to reporters at an afternoon news conference.

Stark County, its cities, townships and villages now receive about $16 million a year from the state. The county’s general fund receives $5.5 million of that, while Canton gets $5.2 million.

Kasich said counties and many cities would receive millions of dollars in revenue from casinos.


ov. Kasich’s $119.5 billion two-year state budget would:

* Increase no state taxes.
* Cut 21 percent from the local government fund aid.
* Reduce Medicaid benefits for the heaviest users of the health care program that serves low-income people.
* Sell some prisons.
* Encourage local governments to find ways to operate more efficiently other than raising taxes.
* Encourage school districts and other local governments to consolidate services.
* Enable parents and teachers to take over schools that consistently underperform.
* Give teachers merit pay but eliminate their seniority protection in layoffs.
* Cite casinos as a source for county, city revenue.
* Devote state liquor revenue to economic development.

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