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Japanese Govt Warns of Serious Radiation Leak; Nikkei Drops 12%

March 15, 2011


The now upgraded earthquake in Japan, to a stunning 9.0 (making it the 4th largest on record), and the subsequent 33 foot tsunami that surged into the coastline six miles, has had unforeseen consequences in severely damaging Northern Japan’s nuclear energy facilities. With multiple hydrogen explosions in three days, the threat of widespread radiation spreading within the region, already 60 miles out over the Pacific Ocean, and perhaps reaching Tokyo is now a real possibility as the inner steel container on reactor #2 appears to have been breached. I stress, appears to have been breached.

James Acton of the Carnegie Endowment appeared on MSNBC tonite. The event is now being categorized as surpassing Three Mile Island. The crisis is unfolding and it is uncertain as to the levels of radiation released. The immediate danger is to Japan and just off the Northeastern coast.

I cannot stress enough to please consider donating to aid efforts. Do your due diligence to make sure you are donating to a bonafide organization. Web sites can be faked. Con artists can make a web site look just like the Red Cross. I posted a list here yesterday.

NY Daily News reports: A third reactor exploded late Monday at the Japanese nuclear plant crippled by Friday’s earthquake, releasing a dangerous amount of radiation, officials said. A fourth reactor was on fire and there were fears that the steel containment vessel protecting the plant’s nuclear core had been breached – the worst-case scenario in such situations.

“There is a very high risk of further radioactive leaks,” Prime Minster Naoto Kan said in an address to the nation.”I ask you to stay calm.”

More than 180,000 people living in a 12-mile radius of the Fukushima Daiichi plant 150 miles north of Tokyo had already been evacuated over the weekend. Kan asked that people living between a 12- and 18-mile radius hunker down inside.
“Remain indoors, at home or in your offices,” he said. “Avoid going outside.”

Officials evacuated staff plant after reactor No. 2 exploded – the third blast there since Saturday.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/03


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