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Germany’s Merkel Takes the Lead on Nuclear Energy

March 15, 2011

Finally, some sanity in one person on nuclear energy.

“The events in Japan … teach us that events deemed absolutely unlikely can happen,” German Chancellor Merkel said Monday in Berlin. “We have a new situation and this has to be analyzed very thoroughly.”

Merkel said she had decided to have all German reactors checked for safety and then the government would decide on their future. The risk analyses will include events such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks, Merkel indicated. She suggested that older, less safe reactors could be shut down earlier than planned.

“There will be no taboos,” she said. “Safety stands above everything.”

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Science_News/Resource-Wars/2011/03/14/Germany-suspends-nuclear-extension/UPI-74401300120147/#ixzz1GcdOxJkB

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