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Germany Shuts 7 Reactors for 3-Month Review

March 15, 2011

I did a post on this last night – here is the followup. Merkel is showing real leadership here while Obama and the Obamacans are still touting nuclear as part of America’s energy to the tune of $36 billion. That money should be used to develop clean solar energy.

NY Times reports: [entire article, clicker here]

BERLIN — With the crisis in Japan raising fears about nuclear power, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that she will temporarily shut down seven German nuclear power plants that began operations before the end of 1980 as officials begin a three-month safety review of all of the country’s 17 plants. Mrs. Merkel said the shutdowns were based on a government decree. Germany is the first European country to halt operations at some reactors in response to the nuclear disaster in Japan. Mrs. Merkel made the announcement after holding emergency talks with the leaders of the 16 German states. The closure of the seven plants means that Germany will have to speed up the development of alternative energy sources, such as renewables, wind and solar power.

Doris Leuthard, the Swiss energy minister, said Switzerland would suspend plans to build and replace nuclear plants. She said no new ones would be permitted until experts had reviewed safety standards and reported back. Their conclusions will apply to existing plants as well as planned sites, she added. Swiss authorities recently approved three sites for new nuclear power stations.

Germany will suspend “the recently decided extension of the running times of German nuclear power plants,” Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin. “This is a moratorium and this moratorium will run for three months.” She said the suspension would allow for a thorough examination of the safety standards of the county’s 17 nuclear power plants.

“There will be no taboos,” Mrs. Merkel said.

Even when the three months is over, Mrs. Merkel warned, there would be no going back to the situation before the moratorium.

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