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Narcissism and Voicelessness

March 14, 2011

Here is a rewind from a post I did last October 2010.

Voicelessness is when we have been deprived of our right to express ourselves by controlling and oftentimes, narcissistic parents. This pattern behavior carries over into adulthood through relationships with persons like our parents: our boss, our mate, co-workers, or even people we think are friends. We are trained by the narcissistic parent to be subservient. This sets us up to be attracted to people who are like our archetypical parent – controllers and other people who suffer from unhealthy narcissism. By identifying our own pattern of behavior we can break the cycle. Part of it starts with establishing good boundaries and speaking up for ourselves. Find out more in my book, It Has A Name! available through Amazon Kindle and Amazon Create Space (print version).

Dr. Richard Grossman, Articles on Parenting, Voicelessness, Relationships, Narcissism, Depression, Psychotherapy, and other topics in Mental Health

Quote from Voicelessness: Narcissism:

Many people spend a lifetime aggressively trying to protect an injured or vulnerable “self.” Traditionally, psychologists have termed such people “narcissists,” but this is a misnomer. To the outside world it appears that these people love themselves. Yet, at their core they don’t love themselves–in fact their self barely exists, and what part does exist is deemed worthless. All energy is devoted to inflating the self, like a persistent child trying to blow up a balloon with a hole.

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