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Destruction of America: EPA Attacks Are Well-Funded

March 13, 2011

“I’ve never been in a Congress where there was such an overwhelming disconnect between science and public policy.”

– Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)

I just reported recently on the Koch brothers agenda to undermine the EPA. Read my post: EPA Nemesis: Mercatus Center Another Koch Think Tank at https://asheham.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/epa-nemesis-mercatus-center-another-koch-think-tank/

Read also my post: Misplaced Pledge of Allegiance – the New Confederacy

From that post is this:

The LA Times reports:

Nine of the 12 new Republicans on the panel signed a pledge distributed by a Koch-founded advocacy group — Americans for Prosperity — to oppose the Obama administration’s proposal to regulate greenhouse gases. Of the six GOP freshman lawmakers on the panel, five benefited from the group’s separate advertising and grass-roots activity during the 2010 campaign.

Claiming an electoral mandate, Republicans on the committee have launched an agenda of the sort long backed by the Koch brothers. A top early goal: restricting the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees the Kochs’ core energy businesses.

The new committee members include a congressman who has hired a former Koch Industries lawyer as his chief of staff. Another, Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia, won a long-shot bid to unseat a 14-term moderate Democrat with help from Americans for Prosperity, which marshaled conservative activists in his district. By some estimates, the advocacy group spent more than a quarter-million dollars on negative ads in the campaign. “I’m just thankful that you all helped in so many ways,” Griffith told an Americans for Prosperity rally not long after his election.

end LA Times quote.

These guys are funding attacks through their front group, the Mercatus Center, and also through “made men”, Republican stooges they have backed. This is part of their FULL COURT PRESS on targeted issues they oppose: unions, public education, Social Security, Medicare, gay rights, financial and environmental regulation. They basically do not want to be beholding to anyone for their selfish and destructive actions. I am not happy that I have been spending the better part of my days writing about these fellows, but my hit count has sky rocketed since doing so. My readers want to know who these guys are and why they are excuse me, f#%&ing around with our democracy! I am way over it. But I will do my part to expose theme and any other destructive elements — and I don’t care what party they are from, what religion they purport to believe in, or what company they work for, or how much money they have.

These clowns, the Koch brothers have done so much damage the past few weeks to so many working Americans it is absolutely shameful. While everyday Americans are toughing out this nasty economy these billionaires are bullying them, taking away benefits, cutting workers pay, impacting their future — SHAME? THEY HAVE NONE. As with all unhealthy narcissists they have no shame. It is all a game to them. Read my first book and you will get a glimpse at the unhealthy narcissist. My second book will be about the collective narcissists, like the Kochs. Now to another great article by Mother Jones:

Can the 112th Congress officially claim the mantle of “most anti-science” ever? So says Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), a 36-year veteran of congressional wrangling over environmental matters. Even the contentious fights over issues like the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments pale in comparison to the environmental battles of the current Congress, the 71-year-old lawmaker noted earlier this week: “I’ve never been in a Congress where there was such an overwhelming disconnect between science and public policy.”

It’s not just that the House GOP is pushing—and will likely pass—a bill that would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating planet-warming emissions and nullify the agency’s scientific finding that those gases endanger human health. Congressional Republicans have mounted an all-out assault on the EPA, pushing a lengthy list of measures to handcuff the agency from exercising its regulatory authority. For good measure, they are also trying to slash the agency’s budget by a third.

The continuing resolution—the seven-month measure to fund the federal government, which the House passed on February 19—included 19 separate riders that have almost nothing to do with cutting the deficit and everything to do with derailing the EPA’s regulatory clout. These provisions would block the agency from issuing regulations on particulate pollution, emissions from cement plants, and emissions of mercury, arsenic, and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants. The riders would also restrict oversight of mountaintop-removal coal mining, block pending regulations on coal-ash disposal, and bar the EPA from moving forward with its plan to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and other national waterways.

Taken as a whole, says Franz Matzner, climate and air legislative director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, the House GOP’s EPA onslaught represents “a cut-by-cut attack on fundamental public health laws.” Beyond the specific riders blocking the agency from issuing new regulations, he says, the “draconian cuts” would mean fewer environmental officials on the ground to ensure that existing regulations are being upheld.

Read entire article, click here

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