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DO NO HARM: Blue Shield to Hike Rates 86.5%

March 12, 2011


The five largest companies, “collectively increased their profits by 17% last year, on top of a 28% gain achieved in 2009, according to Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which supports reform efforts.”

The health insurance insurance has become predatory and bleeding everyday Americans dry. The LA Times reports Blue Shield of California with recent increases in health insurance premiums will drive costs as high as 86.5% for its policy holders. The cumulative affect was reported by Blue Shield to California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones this week.

One more reason we need to develop COMMUNITY healthcare and COMMUNITY clinics, and move away completely from the entrenched healthcare INDUSTRY. I think the everyday person knows the healthcare INDUSTRY is exploitive and is not engaged in health CARE, but making a profit off of the suffering and illness of people thought of as “POLICYHOLDERS”. This is not health CARE, but health BUSINESS pure and simple

I am sure there are doctors and nurses and practitioners who want to NOT be beholden to this corrupt industry. There are those who actually want to care for PEOPLE without being overlorded by the insurance providers. I appeal to those doctors and nurses and practitioners to return to their communities. INVEST in your neighborhoods. Doctors make good salaries and could unite and start these clinics. Why aren’t they? Why are they choosing to stay in an industry that HARMS their patients by bleeding the financially?

DO NO HARM IS THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH. What could be more harmful than to ruin someone financially? What could be more harmful than to partner with a group of people – CORPORATIONS – to determine who gets treatment and who does not, OR who deserves treatment and who does not GET treatment. It is unethical and it is exploitive.

I urge doctors and nurses and practitioners RETHINK WHAT THEY ARE DOING for what they doing is hurting people – ruining people – and even killing them

  1. Ron Russell
    March 13, 2011 at 2:18 am

    From a practical perspective, Doctors are wage slaves as all of us are and the Industry is counting on that. We need to make sure there are ways for Doctors to do what you suggest. But they will need organized help with Student Loans, Malpractice Insurance and other logistical hurdles. Structures have to be built, so they don’t spend their time on paperwork, even without the Insurance companies. Clients need scheduling help and there will always be the ongoing problem of prescription refills, after hours emergency calls and support in terms of referring patients for specialists and diagnostic tests. That doesn’t include the office space costs, utilities and associated office equipment. Then you have to make sure the doctor is compensated enough to support his/her families. I’m not a doctor, but these seem to be the obvious challenges to your very good ideas.

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