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UnNightly News: WI Democratic Party Files Complaint Against Gov. Scott Walker

March 10, 2011

This got missed in the mainstream media.

March 8, 2011 PR Watch reports:

Monday morning, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the state’s Government Accountability Board against Gov. Scott Walker, citing comments Walker made during a prank call phoned in by a Buffalo, NY blogger Ian Murphy masquerading as David Koch, one of the billionaire co-owners of Koch Industries and a top contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

The Democratic Party complaint sites multiple issues summarized by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The complaint charges that Walker:

1. Asked the impostor posing as Koch to run ads in the districts of Republican incumbents in swing districts. That would constitute an illegal, third-party coordination to initiate an independent expenditure.
2. Spoke to the impostor from his office in the State Capitol. The law prohibits requesting a political contribution inside any state-owned building.
3. Asked the attorney general’s office to look into strategies to force the Democratic senators to return. According to the complaint, “this constitutes a misuse of the independently elected office of the attorney general for primarily political motivations.”
4. Conspired with others about the idea of planting troublemakers to “incite violence in the peaceful crowds,” as that “would scare the public into thinking that maybe the governor has to settle to avoid all of these problems.” The complaint alleges that such activity constitutes a conspiracy to recklessly endanger safety.
5. Disclosed that he would send out layoff notices to working people to exert political pressure on his political opponents in the Senate. According to the complaint, “this use of threat against, and intimidation of, public sector employees for political purposes constitutes an unfair labor practice.”
6. Accepted the invitation to be flown out to California by the impostor posing as Koch. According to the complaint, state public officials may not use his or her public position to obtain financial gain or anything of substantial value for the private benefit of himself or herself.

Entire article, click here

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