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Defend the Dream, Day of Action, Tuesday March 15

March 10, 2011

MoveOn.org — Wisconsin progressives surrounded the capital last night and are mounting more protests today. To support them—and to oppose Republicans in Congress who are pushing similar attacks on all of our communities—we’ve launched a huge “Defend the Dream” day of action next Tuesday.

Republicans in Congress are holding the middle class hostage—proposing a federal budget that would would cut 700,000 to 1 million jobs from our communities and slash funding to support preschool and college students, pregnant women, unemployed workers, and much more. This isn’t a budget, it’s a slap in the face to the public workers, services, and institutions making the American Dream possible. We have until the March 18 budget deadline to push Congress in another direction.

So after work on Tuesday, March 15, we’re mobilizing Defend the Dream events in all 50 states at our schools, libraries, fire stations, hospitals, and parks to stand up against Republican attacks. If we can mobilize thousands of people again for a national day of action before the March 18 deadline, we’ll give progressive fighters in Congress a better chance to stave off cuts and pass a budget that invests in the Dream. We’ll show our support for the public workers, services, and institutions making a difference in our lives—but we’ll also make sure that Congress knows we’ll hold them accountable for their vote.

Host your own Defend the Dream Action or sign up for an event near you.

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