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Watts: Nature of Consciousness

March 8, 2011

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention.

– Alan Watts

The first book I read by Alan Watts was, Wisdom of Insecurity. I was nineteen. I was looking for a new way of thinking and being. I had gone through a tough six years after my parents divorce. I was practicing yoga while studying the Bible — seven versions. I was attending college taking Ethics, Psychology, Greek Philosophy, and World Religions. Somewhere along the way, I cam across Alan Watts and his thin green and blue book.

What I took away from Watt’s book was permission to be who I was and to explore new ways of being. My investigation of other philosophies was supported by one phrase in the book: Belief is hanging on, faith is letting go.

I did let go. I let go of all the confusion and hypocrisy I had experienced coming from a divorced family. I went on to study every religion. I intentionally took ethics to understand the basis of right thinking. I began to deconstruct everything I had ever been taught and reconstruct new ways of thinking and being. I read many authors and found men and women who I could relate to; Watts was one such man. Along my path in life I have given away many copies of Watts books to people I knew were confused and needed some guidance. The thing about Watts is his reasoning is so fine and his way of expression so easy to understand, yet, his knowledge and understanding of eastern philosophies is deep and insightful. He has a very light touch and never overbearing in his rhetoric.

Part One of Seven Parts

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