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Anti-Collectivism: From the Commons to Privatization

March 5, 2011

Privatization: Unaccountable tyranny.

Here is the key to the anti-collectivism movement taking place right now in America. The Koch Brothers (Georgia-Pacific and Valero Oil), are anti-collectivists; their ideology rooted in the John Birch Society which their father helped to co-found. This segment, Boundaries, illustrates this kind of thinking. Corporations are for privatization of everything. We are witnessing their anti-collectivism in the recent attacks on the unions, Social Security, Medicare, and public education. They support the Republican party and Tea Partyists. This is an excellent segment.

Destruction of the New Deal has been a target of corporations and Republicans since its inception. Now, John Boehner has announced a reduction of Social Security this week.

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