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And Now the Biggie: Boehner Goes After Social Security -“Americans Don’t Have a Clue”

March 4, 2011

Time to circle the wagons. Yep, I told you so. Maybe now we can rally Americans, or at least the 53 million who depend on Social Security to fight this attack on everyday Americans. The agenda is this: anything that smacks of collectivism is on the chopping block. That is the JBT-Tea Party-GOP-Koch-Corporate agenda. Sounds like a conspiracy – it’s worse than that; it is powerful political and corporate forces with similar view points joining together to destroy the New Deal, public education, unions, welfare, Medicare and Medicaid. The history on this goes back fifty years. The John Birch Society have since their founding decried collectivism, communism, socialism, and ANYTHING they see as related whether true or not. It is a radical viewpoint. The billionaire Koch Brothers are carrying on the mandate their father (Fred Koch) and Robert Welch put forth. The Kochs have fed millions to the GOP and funded the Tea Party. They are on a roll upsetting the apple cart in Wisconsin and infecting other states with their destroy unions and public education garbage. All I can say is, join a progressive cause like Bold Progressives or Russ Feingolds new Progressives United. Get involved for this is the kick off for a truly brutal fight and very tough 2012 campaign.

Just a note: Social Security IS NOT TIED TO THE DEFICIT! Never has been. It is in a trust fund and the Republicans want to get their greedy hands on it and steer the funds to the stock market. We cannot let that happen!

The WSJ reported late today: WASHINGTON—House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that he’s determined to offer a budget this spring that curbs Social Security and Medicare, despite the political risks, and that Republicans will try to persuade voters that sacrifices are needed.

“People in Washington assume that Americans understand how big the problem is, but most Americans don’t have a clue,” Mr. Boehner said, speaking in his Capitol office. “I think it’s incumbent on us, if we are serious about dealing with the big challenges, that we go out and help Americans understand how big the problem is that faces us.”

He added, “Once they understand how big the problem is, I think people will be more receptive to what the possible solutions may be.”

Mr. Boehner also spoke forcefully in favor of raising the government’s debt limit, a move strongly opposed by many conservative House Republicans. He reiterated that the action would have to be coupled with significant spending cuts.

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