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Ohio Votes Down Unions Rights 17-16

March 3, 2011

Ohio teachers, firemen, policemen have lost a crucial battle today. Travesty is all I can say. This guts the power of Ohio’s public sector unions. As we all know, the power of unions lie in the ability to negotiate and bargain. I believe this will have wide ranging repercussions – all negative. Americans who support unions will react; American union workers in other states will react; Americans who believe in the rights of workers in general will react. The question is, what will be the substance of that reaction? Are we entering into what John Harris calls, the summer of rage?

USA Today Reports:

The Ohio Senate has narrowly approved legislation barring public employees from striking and from bargaining over health care, sick time and pension benefits.

The measure, which would apply to about 360,000 state, university and local government workers, creates a new contract-dispute process that involves elected officials, Cincinnati.com says. The legislation passed, 17-16, with six GOP lawmakers joining all 10 Democrats voting no.

The measure now goes to the Republican-controlled House. Gov. John Kasich has said he supports such legislation. Echoing his fellow Republican in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Kasich said he will present a budget package March 15 that will call for restricting collective bargaining rights for public workers.

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