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Walker Deals Blow to Wisconsin: $900 Million in Education Cuts

March 2, 2011

This is the attack on public education I have been talking about — the John Bircher-Koch Brothers-Tea Party attack on public education i.e. collective education. That’s how they view any public-government function. They want to privatize education – get it! This is their agenda. Americans, please, if you want to keep public education, support Wisconsin and Ohio and other states. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE BAND TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEMS and PRESERVE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES JOBS!

(D) Reps. Fred Risser, Senators Lena Taylor and Chris Larson from Wisconsin spoke on MSNBC tonight about the devastating cuts Governor Walker is imposing on the education system in Wisconsin: $900 million in deep cuts!

Stats from NPR:

– Cities would get nearly $60 million less in State aid in the Walker budget, an 8 percent cut;

– Counties would lose over $36 million, a 24 percent reduction;

– The legislation WOULD OUTLAW local governments ability to increase property taxes except to account for new construction

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