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Make the Call for Wildlife: Reject HR1 – Call Your Senator Today

March 2, 2011

Make the Call for Wildlife

This week, the Senate is expected to consider the House-passed continuing resolution – a bill that would eliminate vital protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies, block important action to address climate change that threatens polar bears and other wildlife, slash vital conservation funding and much more.

Call or contact your Senator to reject H.R. 1, the House-passed continuing resolution. This bill contains many awful elements, but I especially object to that bill’s provisions to…

* Eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone;
* Prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating emissions that cause climate change that now threaten polar bears and walruses;
* Slash funding for national wildlife refuges and the essential Land and Water Conservation Fund, which protect wildlife habitat across the country; and
* Complicate enforcement of the Clean Water Act that protects our drinking water and essential waters for aquatic wildlife.

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