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Public versus Private Education – That’s the Deal

March 2, 2011

Republicans want to privatize public education. When Governor Walker stated last week to the faux-David Koch phone caller, “This is our moment”, he was referring to the attack on unions and public education – these are seen as collectivism targets and this radical philosophy is the core principle of the John Birch Society, i.e. Koch Brothers -Tea Partyists – and endorsed by the GOP; They want everybody to pay for education, not from tax monies, but from their pocketbook.

What it comes down to is this, (i) if you have the money, you will get an education at a private institution – a business; (ii) if you do not have the money, you will have to home school your child, or do without.


If you want public education to continue, I strongly urge you to get involved. I am committing myself to a local organization this week. I want public education. I do not want the privatization of everything. How about our public parks, our public waterways, our public lands, our public coasts, our historical sites, our public museums, our public art…. where will it end? I want our country to be for the people, by the people AND NOT by the wealthy, for the wealthy. The corporations and oligarchy be damned!

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