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Localization: Common Security Clubs

March 2, 2011

People are hungry for this information, hungry to share their experiences and frustrations and hungry to gain some control in a world that often seems out of control. We are already beginning to feel that we are part of a large and growing awareness worldwide that our current economy and ecology are inseparable and unsustainable. We can’t wait for change; we must be the change. Together.

Trudy McNulty, a facilitator in Portland, Maine.

I am on board with localization. I have been reading about Common Security Clubs and see this as one way to rebuild communities.

What Are Common Security Clubs?

A place to come together to increase our personal security in a rapidly changing world by:

* Courageously facing our economic and ecological challenges, learning together about root causes.
* Building relationships that strengthen our security and undertaking concrete steps for mutual aid and shared action.
* Rediscovering the abundance of what we have and recognizing the possibility of a better future.
* Seeing ourselves as part of a larger effort to create a fair and healthy economy that works for everyone.

In the process, a common security club allows neighbors (co-workers, etc) to get to know one another, find inspiration, have fun, and strengthen community.

Three Components of CSCs

1. LEARNING TOGETHER: Through popular education tools, videos and shared readings, participants increase their understanding of the larger economic forces on our lives. Why is the economy in distress? How did these changes happen? How does this connect to the global economy? What are the ecological factors contributing to the changes? What is our vision for a healthy sustainable economy? How can I reduce my economic vulnerability? How can I get out of debt?

2. MUTUAL AID: Through stories, examples, web-based resources, a workbook and mutual support, participants reflect on what makes them secure. How can I help myself and my neighbor facing foreclosure, unemployment, or economic insecurity? What can we do together to increase our economic security at the local level?

3. SOCIAL ACTION: Many of our challenges won’t be solved through personal or local mutual aid efforts. They require us to work together to press for larger state, national and even global changes. Coming together, how can we become politically engaged to reclaim our country from the casino capitalists? What state and federal policies will increase our personal security? Can ordinary citizens around the world influence the reshaping of the global economy over the next few years? What program will truly address the economic and ecological realities of our time?

Want to know more? Go to Common Security Club now

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