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Retrospective: Herb Ritts

February 27, 2011

Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour

Photography is my passion. I came to Herb Ritts early on in his career. The first time I saw one of his photos, I thought it was an Avedon, as in Richard Avedon, the great fashion photographer; but no, I thought, there was something else going on in his photos – thoughtfulness over straight fashion setup; insight and not just capturing the moment; adventure into perception. I watched the arc of his career with great interest. He died too young; age 50. We are the same age. He achieved greatness and like Avedon, will be remembered as one of great American photographers of the 20th century. I remain in the wings, ever watchful of his greatness.

Due to strict copyright protections, to view his photos go to Herb Ritts web site, click here

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