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Misplaced Pledge of Allegiance – the New Confederacy

February 27, 2011

Concession to these conspirators and the ignorant herd they have stimulated to treason would but postpone the inevitable crisis a year or two longer.

– Horace Greeley 1861

Horace Greeley, a liberal Republican and editor of the most powerful newspaper between 1840 and 1870, the New York Tribune, spoke of the Confederacy in 1861, ” in reality he said they are “a violent, unscrupulous, desperate minority, who have conspired to clutch power”. He might as well have been speaking of the Koch brothers and their Tea Party – the New Confederacy – who have stimulated a new ignorant herd inspired to treason. The inevitable crisis now is the groundswell of everyday Americans who are rising to fight for their democracy, their rights to protect their jobs, negotiate for decent pay, decent benefits, and decent working conditions. They do not wish to be subservient to a wealthy elite. They are once again embracing their right to self-determination. They are claiming their allegiance to this democracy AS IT IS.

For myself, I am a patriot. I love my country. I honor the principles of democracy. I make no pledge to any man, woman, religion, or cause. I do however pledge my allegiance to our flag. I do it because I love freedom, equality, and the republic for which it stands. Some people have forgone their allegiance to the flag, to our country, to their sworn oath. They have sworn another oath – to oppose our president. It borders on treason.

The LA Times reports:

Nine of the 12 new Republicans on the panel signed a pledge distributed by a Koch-founded advocacy group — Americans for Prosperity — to oppose the Obama administration’s proposal to regulate greenhouse gases. Of the six GOP freshman lawmakers on the panel, five benefited from the group’s separate advertising and grass-roots activity during the 2010 campaign.

Claiming an electoral mandate, Republicans on the committee have launched an agenda of the sort long backed by the Koch brothers. A top early goal: restricting the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees the Kochs’ core energy businesses.

The new committee members include a congressman who has hired a former Koch Industries lawyer as his chief of staff. Another, Rep. Morgan Griffith of Virginia, won a long-shot bid to unseat a 14-term moderate Democrat with help from Americans for Prosperity, which marshaled conservative activists in his district. By some estimates, the advocacy group spent more than a quarter-million dollars on negative ads in the campaign. “I’m just thankful that you all helped in so many ways,” Griffith told an Americans for Prosperity rally not long after his election.

and this….
Perhaps the Kochs’ most surprising and important ally on the committee is its new chairman, Rep. Fred Upton. The Republican from Michigan, who was once criticized by conservatives for his middle-of-the-road approach to environmental issues, is now leading the effort to rein in the EPA.

Upton received $20,000 in donations from Koch employees in 2010, making them among his top 10 donors in that cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Koch Industries is the country’s second-largest privately run company, a conglomerate of refining, pipeline, chemical and paper businesses. Their products include Lycra and Coolmax fibers, Brawny paper towels and Stainmaster carpets. Last year, Forbes magazine listed the brothers as the nation’s fifth-richest people, each worth $21.5 billion.

A spokesman for the famously press-shy family declined to comment. Koch allies say the brothers act out of ideological conviction.

A Washington energy consultant familiar with the Kochs, Javier Ortiz, said the committee agenda reflects the “needs of the American people” and a broad shift in political sentiment.

My sentiment and allegiance is still to our form of government AS IT IS, not as some wealthy interloper wishes for it to be. As I have stated, I am focused on the Kochs because they are anti-environment, anti-regulation, anti-union, anti-civil-rights, and anti-democracy. They are bigoted oligarchs pure and simple. They are advancing corporatism and privatization of our country’s institutions and long standing public works. They are more dangerous now than in the 60s when the John Birch Society, co-founded by their father, Fred Koch, was advancing a radical agenda and they need to be stopped.

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