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State Accountability Board Will Examine Walker’s Ethical Behavior

February 24, 2011

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board will investigate Governor Scott Walker according to MSNBC. The independent agency is staffed by ex-judges. Wisconsin has the toughest ethics laws in our nation. The pay for play; the influence peddling; the violation of election laws will all be looked at. My prediction: Walker will be prosecuted for multiple violations and forced to resign. Who will succeed Walker?

The Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin is the first person in the order of succession of Wisconsin’s executive branch, thus serving as governor in the event of the death, resignation, removal, impeachment, absence from the state, or incapacity due to illness of the Governor of Wisconsin. The position was first filled by John Edwin Holmes on June 7, 1848, the year that Wisconsin became a state.

The current lieutenant governor is Rebecca Kleefisch [a Republican] who was elected in 2010. Her term is scheduled to last until 2015, and she is not term limited.

Source: Wikipedia

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