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Insanity! Republican Budget Would Slash One Million Jobs

February 22, 2011

This is a two-part blog with California in the second part.

Within the House budget are no provisions for jobs creation. There are no investment provisions, in fact they cut some job training programs! I thought House Republicans ran on a ticket last fall to create jobs, ” Jobs, jobs, jobs!” was the rallying cry. Now, the House passed a budget that will slash ONE MILLION jobs in the Federal government and private sector. They also cut R&D and investment monies. Now how exactly will that help our economy? This is the newest version of ass-backwards trickle down economics where people without jobs cannot buy goods and services in their communities, pay their mortgage or car payment, etc. This is the poorest excuse for saving money I have ever heard of in all my years of watching political football.

The Star Gazette reported January 26, 2011:

Proposed spending cuts by Republican conservatives in the House would eliminate about 1 million jobs, with two-thirds of them in the private sector, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and other Senate Democrats said Wednesday.

Schumer predicted at a news conference the House Republican Study Committee’s plan would put 4,000 FBI agents, 3,000 food safety inspectors and 6,000 nuclear safety inspectors out of work. Health services would be the hardest hit, losing 400,000 jobs because funding to implement last year’s health care law would be abolished.

Cuts to the Small Business Administration would eliminate an estimated 151,000 jobs, Schumer said, adding that all the estimates were made by federal agencies.

The Republicans want to gut the Federal Government at a time when our population has grown to 308,745,538 people in 2010, rising 9.7 percent in the first decade of the 21st century. We need more people, not less to properly manage all the departments and functions of our government. The bobo Republicans mis-characterize “big government” as bad government, for what we have are the same departments we had before President Obama was elected — in fact, the federal government only added one major department and that was under the last Bush administration – the Department of Homeland Security which grew the government substantially. Down to reality: our government is a layered, complex entity which requires many administrators of all different stripes and skills to run it effectively. We need more inspectors to over see safety of our food, regulators to oversee Wall Street, scientists to develop new medicines and therapies, etc.

What Does the House Republican Bill Look Like?

_Cut about $60 billion in spending from last year’s levels in many domestic programs, including education, environmental protection and community services.

_Block money to implement Obama’s health care overhaul law enacted last year.

_Bar federal funds for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortion and family planning services with its hundreds of clinics across the U.S. The organization says 90 percent of the $363 million a year it receives in government aid comes from Washington or the federal-state Medicaid program.

_Eliminate federal family planning and teen pregnancy prevention grants.

_Block federal aid to overseas groups that provide abortions or counsel women about them.

_Cut the Social Security Administration, which the agency has warned might force it to furlough workers. Democrats say furloughs would slow the flow of benefits to program recipients, while Republicans say offices would not close and call such threats political fear-mongering.

_Prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing regulations curbing emissions of gases that cause global warming.

_Stop the Federal Communications Commission from preventing broadband providers from interfering with Internet traffic on their networks.

_Reduce Pell Grants for lower-income college students by $5.6 billion. The White House says that would reduce the maximum $5,550 grant by $845.

_Cut $747 million in food aid for poor pregnant women and women with children up to the age of 5.

_Eliminate federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

_Halt financing for the Americorps national service program, which pays people to do public service jobs and encourages volunteerism.

_Limit this year’s budget for the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to $80 million. It would also cut the budgets of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, charged with enforcing other parts of the financial overhaul law.

_Prevent the administration from enforcing a proposed rule making it harder for students at for-profit colleges to get federal loans and grants. Critics say the schools make huge profits while their students accumulate unusually large debts.

Source: Yahoo News

Source: Center for American Progress


Reporting from Washington — University of California students would take a nearly $55-million hit from reductions in Pell grants. A $20-million check promised for bringing a rail line closer to the L.A. airport would be taken back. Head Start cuts would eliminate about 14,000 slots for low-income children in California.

The UC system, for which federal funding is the single largest source of support for research, would receive nearly $100 million less — just in biomedical research.

“Cuts of this magnitude are unsustainable if California’s biomedical research industry is to remain a global leader in research innovation and an economic engine helping to stabilize California’s economy,” J. Gary Falle, UC associate vice president for government relations, wrote to lawmakers.

The cuts to Pell grants would affect about one-third of UC undergraduates, or nearly 65,000 students, UC officials said.

California would face reductions of at least $125 million for kindergarten through 12th-grade schools under an approximately 16% nationwide cut in education funding, according to watchdog groups.

The National Education Assn. estimated that the cuts would eliminate 13,840 Head Start slots for low-income children and eliminate after-school programs for 26,139 students.

Los Angeles Harbor also would lose $16 million it has sought for a rail project designed to reduce truck traffic in and out of the port.

The bill would even cut $15 million from the Presidio Trust in House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco.

Among the effects, he said, would be $2 million less for the city to deal with the homeless. His office, in preparing to fight the cuts, was compiling of list of dozens of service providers threatened by the cuts, from Boys & Girls Clubs to job-training centers.

In total, California would receive about $9.8 billion in discretionary spending under the bill, down from about $11.4 billion last year, according to a preliminary analysis by Federal Funds Information for States, which studies how federal decisions affect states.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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