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Claiming Our Independence with Liberty Gardens

February 22, 2011

Answers.com states:

During World War I, patriots grew “liberty gardens.” In World War II, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard encouraged householders to plant vegetable gardens wherever they could find space. By 1945 there were said to be 20 million victory gardens producing about 40 percent of all American vegetables in many unused scraps of land. Such sites as the strip between a sidewalk and the street, town squares, and the land around Chicago’s Cook County jail were used. The term “victory garden” derives from an English book by that title written by Richard Gardner in 1603.

I have planted a strawberry patch and when the rains stop next week, will be adding cucumbers, green beans and carrots. No pesticides. Good soil. And the satisfaction of doing it myself. I am also tearing out two shrubs and making room for two rainwater barrels. That will help to water my gardens.

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