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Game On! Wisconsin Protests Spreads to Ohio

February 18, 2011

Bloomberg reports today that Ohio public workers are now banning together to fight for their worker’s rights. Click here to read entire article.

I think some Americans are finally waking up to the fact that you have to fight for your rights. You have to fight to keep your job, be paid a decent wage, and have decent benefits. That’s what unions are for, to help workers unite for their collective rights. Collective bargaining is key to the strength of every union. Republicans have been anti-union since 1959 when Wisconsin was the first state to approve collective bargaining for its public employees.

Make no mistake, Republicans are for the rights of big business and not the rights of the everyday American worker. When workers are paid less, businesses reap higher profits. Those profits do not go to the workers, but often to the shareholders and company executives. These businesses in turn contribute to the GOP and its members to support their political idealogical agenda: anti-union, anti-regulation (often touted as free market economics), anti-environment, and anti-tax.

Unions are one of the most effective organizations to help workers unite in a collective socio-economic political front to protect their rights by supporting candidates who are pro-union, namely, Democrats. Organized labor is the most effective group for getting out the vote for Democrats. Thus, the lines are drawn as to who is who, and what is what.

In a down economy like we have today you would think they – the Republicans – would want people to have good paying jobs as those people will spend money in the economy and contribute to states tax revenue coffers. BUT NO, these folks have revealed themselves for what they are and finally Wisconsin public workers are saying enough!

Who has been promoting union busting? Why none other than the powerful lobbying group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Let’s bring this up to speed. Recently elected Governor Jerry Brown (D) of California was our state’s Attorney General. The powerful lobbying group, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (see previous post as to who these folks are;) brought a suit against our state that had to do with tactcs used by businesses to promote union busting via established California labor laws that prohibits businesses from talking to their union employees about union-related manners.

In a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America et al. vs. Brown, Attorney General of California et al., the court ruled 7-2 that federal labor law pre-empted a California law that limited many employers from speaking to their employees about union-related issues. Justice John Paul Stevens stated that Federal labor law had embraced “wide-open debate” about labor issues, as long as the employer did not try to coerce employees into accepting its point of view. Consequently, the state law is incompatible with federal labor law.

In 2008 we find U.S. Chamber of Commerce up to no good: Note the rhetoric…. plotting, anti-American, taking away rights, imagery likening unions to the mafia, etc;

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