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Wisconsin Workers Protest En Masse Against Gov. Walker

February 16, 2011

I reported on Wisconsin’s canceled rail project last week and also how recently elected Republican Governor Walker was agitating public employees by proposing to strip them of collective bargaining rights. Apparently Governor Walker has not been watching the news about Egypt.

Wisconsin State Journal reports:

Thousands of people descended on the Wisconsin state Capitol again Wednesday to protest a bill that would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights, but Gov. Scott Walker insisted he has the votes to pass the measure.

On the second consecutive day of demonstrations, Walker said he was open to making changes in the legislation, the boldest anti-union proposal in the nation. But he said he would not “fundamentally undermine the principles” of the bill, which he says is needed to help balance a projected $3.6 billion budget shortfall and avoid widespread layoffs.

“We’re at a point of crisis,” Walker said.

More than 13,000 protesters descended on the Capitol a day earlier to participate in a 17-hour public hearing. Thousands more came on Wednesday, with hundreds chanting outside his office door, “Recall Walker now!”

Hundreds of Wisconsin’s public employees clogged a hearing for hours and camped out in the state Capitol overnight in a desperate attempt to delay action on Walker’s plan.

The measure would end collective bargaining for all state, county and local workers except for police, firefighters and the state patrol. The move marks the boldest step by a new Republican governor and Legislature to solve budget problems by confronting organized labor.

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