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Markey Stands Against Oil Loophole and Comes to the Aid of PBS

February 16, 2011

A $53 billion loophole is finally being address by (D) Rep. Ed Markey, Mass., who is introducing a bill to roll back oil industry tax breaks. The $53 billion in breaks unless reversed will be in effect for the next 25 years. The vote is coming down in the next 24 hours and we will be able to see which Representatives vote against the roll back.

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Markey is also going to bat to save PBS/NPR funding — can you say Markey for President?

WSJ reports: Mr. Markey and group of Democrats seek to restore federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to the massive spending bill being debated in the House. The House Republicans’ spending bill for the remainder of the current fiscal year would eliminate federal funds for the CPB. which had been on track to receive $430 million for the year ending Sept. 30.

Conservatives have long sought to cut federal funding for public broadcasting, saying it’s a misuse of taxpayer dollars and that its programming often tilts to the left. If a station is worth running, they say, it should be financially self-sufficient. Democrats often counter that public broadcasting produces good journalism, or that the radio and television stations are a public service to rural areas.

Their fallback argument: Kids love Sesame Street. Other props on hand Wednesday included stuffed miniatures of Big Bird and Grover, along with a poster of Bert and Ernie holding a pink slip. Rep. Betty McCollum (D., Minn.) brought along her own Elmo toy.

“Do we want to live in a society where the only characters that appear on television are the ones that gross the highest profits?” asked Rep. Nita Lowey (D., N.Y.), who invited the two Muppets to Capitol Hill in 1995. “I thought we resolved this issue a few years ago.”

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