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Levy Forecasting: No Time For Cutting the Deficit

February 15, 2011

Just got done watching an interview on Bloomberg with Jerome Levy of Levy Forecasting. The subject was deficit spending and cutting. Bottom line: Levy believes this is not the time to cut the deficit as the economy is too fragile.

You can get his, Uncle Sam Won’t Go Broke: The Misguided Sovereign Debt Hysteria, free on his website, click here

From Levy Web site
The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center LLC offers cutting-edge macroeconomic research and consulting services to financial institutions, fund managers, and nonfinancial firms. It is the world leader in applying the Profits Perspective to economic analysis and forecasting.

The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center helps clients improve their decision-making, financial security, and profitability with economic insights that reveal risks and opportunities. It has an enviable forecasting record spanning many decades. Of the Levys’ foresight in the latest business cycle, Alan Abelson recently wrote in Barron’s: “[their] predictions of the decline and fall of the economy have been right as rain… They’ve been at this game a lot of years, and… they have a truly extraordinary record of being right.”

The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center was built on the conviction that the Profits Perspective represents a powerful view of the economy with numerous advantages over more conventional approaches.

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