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Too Much Stuff Equals Too Much Trash

February 10, 2011

San Diego Coast Keepers reports: The average American accumulates 4.4 pounds of garbage per day and less than one quarter of it is recycled. Estimates show that 80% of marine debris starts on land.

Attend Signs of the Tide on Wednesday, March 9 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. to learn how much of San Diego’s litter originates inland and what travels to our beaches, understand the history and future of trash regulations in our region and get the low down on how to end this epidemic.

Here are the highlights from the 2010 data overview:

· Six of the top ten items collected at our cleanups are composed of plastic. This is a concern because plastic pollution does not biodegrade in the ocean environment and can persist for many years.
· All of the plastic items counted have increased in number since 2007.
· Styrofoam pieces have doubled in number from 12,000 pieces in 2009 to 25,000 pieces in 2010.
· Volunteers collected over 42,000 butts from beaches and boardwalks in 2010. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a decrease from 2009 and halted the increasing trend of the previous three years (hey – some good news!)

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