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Bachmann Destructive Nonsensical Agenda

February 7, 2011

“I take my first political breath every morning with one thought in mind — repeal Obamacare,” Bachmann said, according to the Missoulian. “That’s my motivation in life. … This bill is something else. It is the crown jewel of socialism. President Obama, and I’m willing to say it, ushered in socialism under his watch.. “My opinion is we can’t shut this president down fast enough,” Bachmann said.

‘Obamacare’ and Social Security are now being touted as socialism. Helping others is not socialism –it is social responsibility. If all things were economically equal – and they are not – we would not need social programs, but that simply is not the case. Facts: 48 million Americans cannot afford health insurance. If Republicans want to truly help Americans, they would go after health insurers, hospitals, and physicians to pressure them to lower their costs. The root of the problem is NOT in entitlement programs, it is in the costs passed to the programs from health insurers who will not cover many costs and the ones they do cover are way too high.

According to KRTV, Bachmann is still targeting Rep. Nancy Pelosi whom she still calls Speaker. “But to Speaker Pelosi, it’s 6 trillion more, so what, you’re gonna pay for it. That’s her attitude, and that is President Obama’s attitude. And for some reason we’re not compassionate if we’re not spending that kind of money. The compassionate people, I would submit, are those who are enough for the next 21 generations,” Bachmann said.

This is destructive nonsense. This comes right out of the GOP playbook. What floors me is Republicans never flinch at the Iraq war costs. Any of their pet projects are always justified. The costs related to Obamacare and Social Security are justified as there is a moral imperative to take care of our citizens. Social Security does not interfere with business. Obamacare introduces more coverage for more people who had been outside the system, who had been denied care, who were marginalized because they could not afford regular health care in the private, business world!

The nonsensical Republican rhetoric is democracy is equated to capitalism. That is garbage. China is a capitalistic country now, but they are not a democracy. In fact, they have a very notorious record of human rights violations. Capitalism does not guarantee your rights – our democracy does, as laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Republicans argument goes that anything that interferes with capitalistic enterprise is bad and is socialistic and anti-American. The reality is American mega-corporations are not investing in America or hiring American workers. They are investing overseas as evident by our jobless recovery and record profits as reported today in the Wall Street Journal. The Republican rhetoric would be laughable if not so serious a subject. They are deceiving people in their crazy characterizations of Obamacare and Social Security. Facts: More than 55 million Americans depend on Social Security to live. How would these folks live if the program was shut down? Anyone? What? will we toss them out in the streets? What are the alternatives? Here is the new rhetoric: The Republicans want to add a supplement program, an ‘option’ so earners can direct some of their paycheck to other investments, and those investments will be tied to the stock market or to bonds. That is a path to privatization. That will directly help the same corporations who are not hiring Americans right now! It will also begin the long process of defunding Social Security.

Bachman is a hack, but her rhetoric is powerful propaganda and people need to know what is at stake and what the alternatives could be.

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