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UnNightly News: Koch Backed Fred Upton Promotes Wish List

February 4, 2011

Oh my, will these people ever get down to the business of doing something real for the everyday American instead of pandering to special corporate interests? It’s getting tiresome. The Republican mantra is pay less, or no taxes. Have less, or no regulations. Do away with the Department of Education, the EPA, privatize Social Security, reduce Medicare and Medicaid down to nothing. How do these people get elected?

Mother Jones reports:

In the months since Republicans claimed the House, [Fred] Upton’s taken a much harsher stance against regulating emissions. He faced stiff competition from more conservative members for the energy and commerce committee for the chairmanship, and he had to overcome complaints that he was “too moderate” for the post. (Then there’s the money factor: Koch was among Upton’s top contributors this election cycle, along with several other energy companies.)

Now Upton is floating the idea of using the Congressional Review Act to block the EPA’s new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. Under the obscure law, which is rarely invoked and even more rarely successful, Congress can overturn regulations from the executive branch within 60 days of their publication in the Federal Register. It’s a pretty drastic move, especially to block regulations from the EPA that were based on a directive from the Supreme Court—and on overwhelming science, which Upton once recognized, indicating that the greenhouse gases do indeed pose a threat to humans.

Politicol news reports:
Republican Rep Fred Upton of Michigan, Republican Rep Ed Whitfield of Kentucky, and Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma… all of these Republicans plan to [try to] kill any regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency on carbon. The three republicans initiated a bill called Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 designed to kill ANY regulations to stop pollution by their corporate friends and to reduce the effects of pollution on climate change.

The bill from the three amigo republicans also intends to stop the Clean Air Act under the EPA to regulate carbon release and greenhouse gas emissions.

The same old arguments of “hurting big business” harming competitiveness, costs jobs are their reasoning behind this bill to help more corporations to pollute without paying for their environmental damages. These arguments or rather excuses which are not based on fact have been used for the last 20 years to prevent any movement on cleaning up the environment.

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