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GOP Blackmail: Pass $32 Million Budget Cuts or Else Shut the Government Down

February 4, 2011

House Republicans are resorting to more blackmail tactics just as they did this past December to get their way on the extending the Bush tax cuts. Phooey on them! Here is how it is playing out. The Hill reports:

Republicans have threatened to block a continuing resolution to fund the government beyond early March, as well as legislation raising the national debt limit unless Democrats agree to significant spending cuts.

Reid warned that threatening a government shutdown or blocking an increase in the national debt limit would be playing “Russian roulette” with the economy.

Reid declined to rule out spending cuts in 2011 but said he wanted to first review a deficit-cutting proposal being negotiated by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.).

In a related article, The Hill reports:

House Republican leaders under pressure from conservatives worked hard Thursday to prove their budget-cutting credentials, even taking to Twitter to fight reports they were cutting spending by $32 billion.

“Associated Press is wrong. House GOP plan would cut $74 billion from the Budget… and we’re just getting started,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) tweeted minutes after announcing his budget ceiling.

So, the battle continues and so much for working together. It’s the party of NO vs the party of helping the American people. The GOP is simply worthless. They are not constructive on any issue. It is blast away constantly at the Obama agenda and Democrats in general. They will not cooperate on ANY issue so as to give Obama and the Dems what they see as a victory. What they don’t realize is governing is not a game. It is about working for Americans and not their own ideas. That is what a public servant is — someone who serves the interests of the public. If these folks want to work for special interests, go back into the private sector. We need people who offer constructive ideas and ways to solve problems. I find the constant bickering and blackmailing repugnant.

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