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Health Matters, Matter

February 3, 2011

Out and about today having my blood checked and ordering up tests for this, that, and the other. Healths matters…. of the three, health, wealth and happiness, I think good health is the most important and also the one in which the other two hinge. I am in that age range where you have to pay attention. You are out of the glide path where you can just go along without a care in the world for your health. Time catches up with you. So, no other blogging today except this one as I am focused on my health.

It is really simple: Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Know your family history. Take nothing the doctor says for granted — that can cut both ways. They are not the final word on everything, yet, they know more than most of us. Give them your opinion. Tell them what you know about a particular topic. Be open, but respectful – and expect the same from them. It’s a symbiotic relationship. It’s wonderful when you can find one that actually listens. How do you know? Prompt them to say back to you what you have told them. I caught a nurse saying within one minute of something I said, a complete fabrication of what I said — I corrected her and restated the facts of the matter. I also insisted my doctor authorize for me to get a certain test as I wanted to be proactive — I put that request in writing on the caregivers email message system so I could document my request. A doctor will rarely counter a request if you are claiming you want to be pro-active — and in my case, covering my bases on a family history of heart disease. They don’t want to be caught with their pants down if you have a heart attack, etc. Don’t be pushy – be assertive. Please and thank you are always good manners and good strategy to make progress on issues you think are important and build a relationship based on trust and respect.

So, there it is. Health matters, matter. Take care of yours.

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