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Master Drawings New York 2011

February 1, 2011

Love viewing drawings as they are often the precursor to the artist’s final work. Many years ago I saw a film about Picasso just drawing. It was shown on television. It was fascinating to see a master of his caliber in-process.

I found the film and you can buy it through our Amazon Associates link.

Master Drawings New York 2011 consists of roughly two dozen drawing exhibitions in galleries mostly on or near Madison Avenue. The exhibitions, organized by local and European dealers, can all be seen through Saturday and longer in some cases.

“These shows amount to a geographically dispersed art fair while offering total immersion in the most intimate of art mediums, presented in some of the city’s coziest gallery spaces,” Roberta Smith writes.

Left, “Triumph of Amphitrite,” a drawing by Pierre Brebiette estimated to be from the 1630s, at the Alexander Gallery.

Source: New York Times

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