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Egypt: Mubarek Will Not Run Again

February 1, 2011

Breaking News from CNN: Recorded message from Hosni Mubarek says he will not run again in Egyptian elections. That essentially is part of an exit strategy that will be a win-win for all Egyptians. The next step will be to insure his son does not run either. The situation is fluid and unfolding in a quick but orderly fashion.

There has been speculation that Mubarek’s family was ushered out of Egypt a few days ago to London. I would speculate that he is getting support from the United States and European heads to make a safe exit all the while ensuring the orderly transition that Secretary State Clinton expressed over the weekend.

At the same time: Breaking News Alert, The New York Times
Tue, February 01, 2011 — 2:08 PM ET

Obama Urges Mubarak Not to Run Again, American Diplomats Say

President Obama has told the embattled president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, that he should pledge publicly not to run for another term this fall, effectively withdrawing American support for its closest Arab ally, according to American
diplomats in Cairo and Washington.

The message, conveyed by Frank G. Wisner, a seasoned former diplomat with deep ties to Egypt, was not a blunt demand for Mr. Mubarak to step aside now, the diplomats said; rather, he was told to allow free and fair elections in September to elect his successor.

The message, authorized directly by Mr. Obama, appears to take the administration beyond the delicately balanced calls it has already issued for an “orderly transition” to a more politically open Egypt.

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