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Harmon: Egyptian Unrest May Go Viral

January 28, 2011

Rep. Jane Harmon (D) who sits on the Homeland Security Committee, just spoke on MSNBC and says unless leader centric Arab nations open up, the situation in Egypt will go viral leading to more unrest in the Middle East. Demographic changes are driving the revolt …the desire for representative government and yearning for freedom. Egyptians view U.S. support of the Mubarek government as hypocritical as the U.S. tolerates Mubarek’s authoritarian regime in spite of diplomatic calls for reform. The problem for the U.S. is Mubarek has been a strong geo-strategic ally in the region, but repeatedly has violated his people’s rights. The global downturn in inflaming sentiment towards Mubarek and in turn is a major problem for the U.S.

The other problem is the U.S. has hundreds of thousands of troops and billlions in assets deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and IF the unrest spreads, a real possibility is more uprising and perhaps Jihadists will seize on the moment. Al Qaeda will no doubt exploit the situation in Yemen where unrest has been reported.

World Tribune reported in October 2008 when the global collapse was taking place:
WASHINGTON — Congress has approved $1.5 billion in U.S. military and civilian aid to Egypt for fiscal 2009, which begins in October. The figure marked a 12 percent reduction from U.S. aid to Egypt in 2008, when Cairo received $1.71 billion.

Congressional sources said the U.S. military aid would be dependent on improvements in Egyptian security cooperation with Israel as well as Cairo’s human rights record.

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