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Obama Slightly Off the Mark

January 26, 2011

UPDATE: I liked the President’s speech tonight. Not because I am a liberal, or a Democrat, or an ACLU card carrying member, no, I liked what I heard as the President knows how to inspire and he knows how to address necessities. He laid out an outline on reviving our economy and he suggested the means to create new jobs. He urged the Congress to work together. He lauded the military their service. He spoke of heroes and small businessmen with re-purposed ideas. What he did not talk about are the 45 million Americans in poverty. He did not address directly 26 million unemployed or underemployed. He did not even mention the record housing defaults predicted for 2011. He was focused on pressing his agenda but side-stepped the depths of pain and problems everyday Americans are facing. He also did not make mention of the environment, the Gulf Oil spill, the struggle of the fishermen and shrimpers in the region to sell their catches, global warming, problems in Europe with the EU, or threats of North Korea to the West Coast. For that, I give him a C+ and that simply will not do.

These days I am more a Truman ‘show me’ Democrat than a FDR New Deal one. I would take either over the President as he just seems to sail over big issues and never really lands on the Earth, in the neighborhoods, or on the farms, or in the retirement homes where so many of us live. He seems genuine, but never really connects. I have known people like this. They shake your hand smiling, all the while looking past you. These people are preoccupied with the next thing, the next step, the next whatever. I have thought of Obama in this way since before he was elected President. I thought, when will he ever stop with his 30,000 foot sales pitch and come down to reality? Well, last week the NY Times reported, “the President closed the office of political affairs at the White House in preparation for the establishment of his re-election headquarters, which will open its doors in Chicago by late March to concentrate on building a national fund-raising and grass-roots operation to rival his first campaign, aides said. ”

So, what we heard tonight was more of a kick off speech, or perhaps a test-the-waters speech, but it was not a true reflection of the state of the nation. For whose benefit we will find out in good time.

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